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Hello and a very warm welcome to One Toe Offside, my new blog dedicated to the Beautiful Game in all of its weird and wonderful forms...

If you told me just over 10 years ago I'd one day be publishing my own football blog, I'd have been writing you a prescription for psychotherapy.  I'd reached the considerable age of 14 before showing any figment of interest in this most captivating of sports.  This was before a seed of obsession was sown in my mind by one of the most thrilling, epic, breathless encounters of modern times...  Ok, it was England 0-0 Algeria at South Africa 2010, but we've all got to start somewhere, right?

From that bore fest in Cape Town which ended in Wayne Rooney politely showing his appreciation for the team's travelling support (bawling "nice to hear your home fans booin' ya!" at the TV camera) my love and passion for the globe's most popular sport quickly grew and has never really slowed down.  I've seen it all in the intervening decade - title wins, desperately tight relegation battles, long range screamers, impossible own goals, cup glory, play off heartache.  I think I even saw a Tony Pulis team score once, but I cant be sure...

After taking nearly my entire childhood to get addicted, I've got time to catch up on!  I've now reached a stage where I'm eager to combine my love of the game with a passion for creative writing and share my views with like minded fans (or perhaps not so like minded, we'll soon find out...).

At the outset, it's hard to know what to promise from this blog, but expect something more Jurgen Klopp than Jose Mourinho.  Packed full of energetic and original content flying in from all angles.  I'd rather this space be an entertaining, light hearted read than a cynical, sulky trudge. A key aim is to try and cover as many aspects of the Beautiful Game as my interest allows (I regret to inform you that if you're expecting a weekly rundown of the Latvian Second Division, you're in the wrong place...).  This means Premier League packages, EFL extravaganzas, European Football features and insight into internationals.

I also hope to offer a decent variety of content - something for every type of fan.  You're just as likely to come across an in depth piece into the future of the Champions League as you are a countdown of England's most eye-gougingly shocking kits of all time.  And trust me there have been plenty, do you remember the one they wore when... Anyway, that's all for another time.  For now, enjoy what's here, take this site with a slight smattering of salt and if you have any suggestions for change or improvements, please let me know (within reason, if you want an entire article dedicated to Gillingham's best goals of 1932 you might be waiting a while...).

Have fun,


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